Monday, October 14, 2013

Smorgasburg - Brooklyn, New York

One of the joys of being out East is the ability to drive south and hit New York, unlike driving south from Alberta and hitting Montana. We drove down to New York City for Thanksgiving weekend and decided to check out Brooklyn. It was a beautiful day and the waterfront was full of people just like us, enjoying the weather and posing for photos.

We headed over to Smorgasburg, a giant all-food market that happens every Saturday and Sunday (note that the Sunday location has been moved from the Tobacco Warehouse to Pier 6). Although I've been to food markets before, Smorgasburg easily blew them all away with the sheer number and diversity of vendors. Of the items we tried, standouts were the Bacon Cheddar Blue from Milk Truck Grilled Cheese, and the White Peach Ginger Ale from Heartbreaking Dawn's 1776 Beverage Co. brand. I was disappointed by Asia Dog (small portions, with very regular weiners and toppings that didn't really complement each other) and Jack's Chedbred (the cornbread was quite dry). Best value went to Handsome Hank's Fish Hut ($8 for three large pieces of fish and coleslaw), and the one item I saw everyone else eating but couldn't find room in my stomach for was an ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch.

Lobster Roll from Luke's Lobster (on the way to Smorgasburg)

Spicy Tuna Nachos from Takumi Taco

Buffalo Wings from Dan & John's Wings

Maple Bacon Cornbread from Jack's Chedbred

The Wangding (Chinese BBQ pork belly + onions) and the Sidney (Thai style relish with mango + cucumber + red onion + cilantro + crushed peanuts + fish sauce) from Asia Dog

Bacon Cheddar Blue from Milk Truck Grilled Cheese

Classic Sandwich from Handsome Hank's Fish Hut

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  1. Hi. My friend told me about your blog and also "Cooking With Mr. C." on Facebook, which I just "Liked". I'm so glad when people share blogs with each other. Denise